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Revolutionary puppy training to help you raise the dog you’ve always wanted.

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Raise The Dog Of Your Dreams

Do You Want A Dog You Can Take Everywhere?

Unleash your dog’s true potential with unrivaled puppy training.

Having a dog who misbehaves, barks like crazy, or jumps all over people can be quite a struggle. Nobody wants to be running across the beach after an unruly pup or to find themselves buying fruit basket after fruit basket to placate their irritated neighbors!

You want a dog you can take everywhere, who’ll turn heads in all the right ways. Not a dog who attracts all the wrong attention and eye rolls!

With our unparalleled puppy training program, you’ll be equipped with all the skills and support you need to raise the dog of your dreams.

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Raise an awesome dog with our puppy school.

Raise an awesome dog with goldstar puppy training school

Goldstar Puppy Academy Training Programs

Goldstar puppy training programs offer a revolutionary blend of in-person private puppy training, home-study tutorials, and group puppy classes.

Through years of experience, we’ve discovered that this is the most effective way to train your puppy successfully. Your puppy progresses their new skills easily, with the optimum conditions to promote powerful learning that lasts.

So that you can enjoy life with a dog who is confident, well behaved, and an upstanding member of doggy society!

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Perfect for young puppies

Puppy Training Program

This puppy training program is perfect for young puppies just starting their education.

What You’ll Learn


How to use meal times to your training advantage


Successful management techniques to prevent bad behaviors from developing


Door manners and impulse control to create a well-mannered dog


The foundation for impeccable recall


Perfect clicker training skills so your dog understands what you want


How to put your puppy's harness on without a fuss


Introducing grooming, so your puppy is confident at being handled


Important life skills such as drop it, leash walking foundations, socialisation and much more

Plus, these three essential life skills for a dog you can take anywhere


Go to the mat, so you can easily ask your dog to settle anywhere


Reliable recall training so your dog can enjoy off-leash freedom safely


Leave it so your dog doesn't gobble up or steal anything they shouldn't

1 on 1 in-person training sessions

Weekly Zoom Q & A Sessions

Instant access to puppy training essentials

Group meetups to progress your training in the real world

Weekly home-study training lessons

Virtual Facebook Classroom for 24/7 support

Access all of this incredible puppy training support to lay exceptional foundations for the dog you dream of, for far less than it’ll cost you to replace your sofa!

Read What They Are Saying About Us

Gerry-Anna Is An Amazing Trainer

Gerry-Anna is an amazing trainer! We have a Female Labrador Retriever puppy (Maisy) that we wanted to start off on the right paw. Gerry-Anna’s knowledge and skills are truly exceptional! Gerry-Anna has helped us manage undesirable behaviors before they become an issue.

She can recognize and respond to Maisy’s reactions to training techniques and adjust when needed.

She explains things clearly and concisely and truly makes the training process seamless and we all have learned so much!

Gerry-Anna understands how your dog learns and Maisy’s results and progress have been truly amazing! I can confidently say we made the right choice by choosing Goldstar Puppy Academy.

Tim Martin

Pet Parent

Puppy training to fit your lifestyle in Vero Beach, Florida

Personalized Support 

Private Puppy Training For Individual Support & Guidance

Included in your training program are private puppy training sessions with me, so you don’t need to feel self-conscious about taking up too much time in puppy class asking questions.

You’ll receive personalized support with your puppy’s

toilet training

crate training

sleep training

biting, nipping, and chewing

any specific issues you're experiencing

You can use your private puppy training sessions to troubleshoot problems, ask questions or to progress your training in the real world with my hands-on support.

You’ll soon have a solid understanding of how your dog learns, so teaching them good manners will come easy.

Online puppy training for flexibility & to share with your family.

Puppy Training Foundations

Puppy Training Foundations

All of your puppy training foundations are covered in short home-study video tutorials that you can watch at your own pace.

You’ll receive instant access to bitesized puppy training tutorials you can start right away, around your daily schedule.

Consistency is key to your puppy training success, so you can share your training tutorials with your whole household to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Consistency is key to your puppy training success.

Puppy class is a brilliant opportunity to begin progressing your puppy training in more distracting environments, so your puppy can behave wonderfully wherever you go together.

Our Classes Boast Incredible Success Rates

Private Puppy Training For Socialization & Community

I know how much you want to see your puppy playing with other dogs and practicing their new skills out in the real world.

Our puppy training classes boast incredible success rates. Our pups are ready for the classroom with our fusion puppy training model. So instead of spending every class trying to gain your pup’s attention while worrying about what everyone else is doing, you’ll both have built confidence and competence in the skills we’re training.

Our puppy training classes allow you to connect with other local puppy owners who are just as determined as you to raise an awesome adult dog.

Puppy class is a brilliant opportunity to begin progressing your puppy training in more distracting environments, so your puppy can behave wonderfully wherever you go together.

It’s time for your puppy to go to school

Do You Want A Dog Who Graduates with Distinction? 

Your puppy’s early education is just the beginning. If you want your dog to be able to thrive in any situation, then your puppy training needs to be continued.

Take your puppy from an elementary level education to graduating with all the life skills they need to excel and flourish with our extended training programs.

Choose from our honor student puppy program or our ultimate six-month valedictorian program to ensure your puppy can progress their skills and live life to the fullest with you.

Our puppy school programs include lifetime access to your online home study tutorials, so you can revisit them whenever you need them.

Honor Student

Advanced puppy training program

Our advanced program is for our doggy scholars ready to progress to the next level.

We develop your puppy’s leash walking skills and ability to stay calm and teach excellent manners so they’ll be warmly welcomed anywhere you go!

You’ll also master your training skills to confidently understand how to communicate with your dog to encourage excellent behavior.


Exceptional education for your puppy

This program gives you the ultimate puppy training experience.

Your puppy will join me for professional training in my home to lay impeccable foundations with the option to sleepover at my sleep-away camp.

This is bolstered with ongoing in-person support and full access to our entire puppy training program, so you have everything you need to raise an incredible adult dog.

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Our Puppy School Program

Our puppy school programs include lifetime access to your online home study tutorials, so you can revisit them whenever you need them.

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Gerry-Anna is Professional, Patient & Kind!

Gerry-Anna is professional, kind, patient, and incredibly responsive to her client’s needs. She utilizes positive reinforcement with rewards, and the awesome results prove her methodology. Our German Shepherd has excelled at his training and is doing remarkably well at 7 months old. We have heard horror stories about untrained, or negatively trained Shepherds, and our boy is well-behaved, responsive, very loving, and sweet. Gerry-Anna has been an integral part of his successes!

Rachel Lukich

Pet Parent