After School Club

Not your average Doggy Day Care on the Treasure Coast

This program is designed exclusively for our Goldstar Puppy Academy Alumni

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Day School

Enrich your puppy’s week and give yourself a break!


It’s a socialization and enrichment program designed to keep your puppy mentally stimulated and build their confidence in a structured but fun setting.


Your puppy’s day starts with a ride in the school bus with their friends. Then they spend the day with their favorite teachers.
While here, they’ll experience a variety of confidence building activities like pool parties, food puzzles, fitness exercises, sniffaris and field trips.
Then it’s time for the school bus ride home followed by
a nice nap!

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Weekly Support

As an After School Club member you have access to weekly
Zoom meetings with Gerry-Anna to address any training

Group Classes

You and your pup may continue improving their training skills by
joining us at our monthly group class!

VIP Boarding

Never worry about finding a pet sitter when you’re in the After School Club! Members enjoy boarding and last-minute accommodation. Plus you know your pup’s training will stay in place when you return!

Spots are limited So contact us today!

Whether you want your dogs to behave well indoors, in public, or you want them to become adventure dogs to join you in your outdoor recreations and sporting activities, we are the right trainers for you!

Read What They Are Saying About Us

Gerry-Anna Is An Amazing Trainer

Gerry-Anna is an amazing trainer! We have a Female Labrador Retriever puppy (Maisy) that we wanted to start off on the right paw. Gerry-Anna’s knowledge and skills are truly exceptional! Gerry-Anna has helped us manage undesirable behaviors before they become an issue.

She can recognize and respond to Maisy’s reactions to training techniques and adjust when needed.

She explains things clearly and concisely and truly makes the training process seamless and we all have learned so much!

Gerry-Anna understands how your dog learns and Maisy’s results and progress have been truly amazing! I can confidently say we made the right choice by choosing Goldstar Puppy Academy.

Tim Martin

Pet Parent