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Frequently asked questions about our Board and Train Program based in Sebastian, Florida

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How long will my puppy be away?

We like the pups to stay with us for at least 3 weeks but don’t fret, they come home on weekends so your heart stays intact! 

However, if you have specific travel plans or other needs, we’re happy to discuss custom accommodations for your situation.

What will my puppy learn?

Since our programs are tailored to fit your puppy’s specific needs we will not only lay great foundations for normal obedience training, but we will work on niche issues you may be having as well. We typically focus on skills like housetraining, sit, down, coming when called, settle on mat, leave it, drop it, leash walking skills, waiting to exit doorways, crate training and more. Your pup will also get an immersive socialization experience and have positive structured experiences with other animals.

Will I receive updates while my puppy is away?

Absolutely! We want you to see your pup’s progress and our training process so you’ll receive photos or videos daily while your pup is here.

What tools will you use on my dog during training?

We use tools like leashes, martingale collars, harnesses, crates, gates and playpens. We do NOT use tools like shock collars, electronic collars, prong collars or choke chains!

Does my Dog Need to Stay Over?

While staying over is great for consistent training, we understand that some may find it hard to be away from their furry friends all week. We can offer a day school option which we can discuss during your consultation.

What training methods will you use on my dog?

We use primarily positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog what we want them to do. This means we figure out what motivates your dog (food, toys, access to desired activities) and use it to reward them for the behaviors we are teaching. We are asking your dog to do a job and we believe they should get paid for doing that job. Over time you’ll see that your dog is eager to perform the behaviors you ask of them with or without food because they have a history of getting paid for those behaviors and they enjoy working with you! 

Alternatively, we may also remove something your dog wants in order to reduce an unwanted behavior. For example, if your dog is barking at us for attention, we may leave the room immediately to teach your dog that barking does not gain attention and instead makes us go away! As soon as they are quiet, we’ll pop back into the room.

When using this kind of method, it’s crucial that we also teach them a more polite way to ask for attention in the future, like sitting quietly at your feet!

Another example could be if your dog is jumping up on us for attention, we’ll turn and walk away to avoid giving them the attention they want. Once they have all 4 feet on the floor, we’ll turn back and address them.

Where will my puppy be staying for board and train?

Our board and train takes place in the trainer’s home and your puppy will live like a member of the family. This way, we can assure your puppy gets around-the-clock care and training. It’s also much less stressful than staying in a kennel or facility environment! 

Will my puppy be sad to be away from home?

Your puppy may miss you a bit but it doesn’t mean they will be sad! Most young puppies settle into the routine quickly and treat our home like their second home. Many of our alumni students continue coming back to stay with us years after their original Sleepaway Camp! This is why it’s so important to give your pup experiences away from you at a young age so it’s not stressful for them when you eventually go on vacation! 

Will the behaviors my puppy learns at your house transfer to my house? How do I know my puppy will listen to me as well as they listen to the trainer?

The behaviors your puppy learns will transfer to your house; however, you have to put in the practice for them to stick! This is why our programs include plenty of support both before and after your puppy comes to stay for Sleepaway Camp. It’s super important that we teach you the skills you need to get your pup to behave for you like they do for us. Following our recommendations and taking time to practice the skills will help ensure their behaviors will transfer home and that your dog will listen to you.

What should I pack for my dog?

Your puppy will need their food, medications/supplements, and sometimes a favorite item from home such as a blanket or toy. We have crates, pens, leashes, beds, and all the toys you can imagine.

Do you offer regular puppy training classes?

Yes! Goldstar puppy training programs offer a revolutionary blend of in-person private puppy training, home-study tutorials, and group puppy classes. Through years of experience, we’ve discovered that this is the most effective way to train your puppy successfully. Your puppy progresses their new skills easily, with the optimum conditions to promote powerful learning that lasts. So that you can enjoy life with a dog who is confident, well behaved, and an upstanding member of doggy society!

The Honor Student program is our advanced program for our doggy scholars ready to progress to the next level. We develop your puppy's leash walking skills and ability to stay calm and teach excellent manners so they'll be warmly welcomed anywhere you go! You'll also master your training skills to confidently understand how to communicate with your dog to encourage excellent behavior.

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