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What Puppy Training Is Best For You?

Not sure whether group puppy training classes, private sessions, online training or board and train is best for you?

Puppy training is about laying solid foundations to grow the well-behaved adult dog you dream about having.

If you want a dog that you can take everywhere, that will confidently adapt and take new situations in their stride without showing you up or embarrassing you – then it’s time to get started!

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We will train your puppy to be polite in public places.

Why Choose Us

Meet The Treasure Coast Puppy School That Delivers The Best Of All Worlds!

You want puppy training classes for socialization & community.

You want online puppy training for flexibility & to share learning with your family.

You want in-person private puppy training for individual support & guidance.

You may even want board & train to fast track your training.

Our puppy training school blends online training, in-person training, and puppy classes to give you the ultimate foundation to grow your playful puppy into an incredible adult dog that you can take everywhere. And for those that want the ultimate fast track training option, ask us about our version of board and train which is Sleepaway Camp for your puppy.

Treasure Coast, Florida Puppy Training That Will Exceed Your Expectations

Happy Dogs Start
With Puppy Training!

You’re probably excited to get your puppy out, mingle with other dogs, and learn new things. The puppy stage is one of the most important times in a dog’s life. It’s a time when they’re learning about the world and how to interact with other dogs and people.

Puppy training classes are often a popular choice to begin puppy training, especially if you want a well-socialized dog.

Imagine trying to teach a kid algebra in the middle of a buzzing playground full of kids running wild and having fun together. Better to start learning new skills and building confidence somewhere a little quieter and more favorable for learning, right?

We teach your puppy some foundation skills BEFORE they're ready to step into puppy class.

All training starts with teaching new behaviors & skills in a low distraction environment.

We gradually increase the difficulty of training.

Start puppy training today so that you can take your adult dog everywhere.


Ask about our version of board and train, the ultimate done-for-you service!

Easy As 1, 2, & 3

How Puppy Training School Works

your puppy training program includes private classes, private training, tutorials and board and train.

Step 1

Private Puppy Training

We begin with a private in-person consultation to set you up with everything you need to get started and answer all your burning puppy questions.

Step 2

Private Training Classes

When your puppy has mastered the basics and your skills are spot on, you are both ready to mingle and progress into our puppy training classes!

Step 3

Private Training Tutorials

We provide access to all your puppy training essentials through our online puppy school, so your pup can start learning new skills in the comfort of you home.

You’re Never Alone When Schooling Your Little Student

Your Puppy Training Program Includes

1-on-1 follow up sessions with your trainer.

Group puppy classes.

Lifetime access to all your online training tutorials.

Weekly troubleshooting sessions.

Let’s Find Your Perfect Fit

Need Something Easier?
Ask About Board & Train!

For The Ultimate Experience

Our board and train program offers boarding in a trainer’s home for the ultimate socialization and training experience.

Read What They Are Saying About Us

Goldstar Puppy Training Is Top Notch!

Goldstar Puppy Training is top-notch!

Gerry-Anna is a wonderful dog trainer, patient and thoughtful. She works with the entire family (kids included!) to ensure our efforts to train the dog stay consistent.

She had a variety of programs to fit our needs and budget. I especially like the fusion online and in-person approach. As a busy working professional, it provides so much flexibility and opportunity to learn and practice at a pace that works best for us.

Our sweet lab puppy has had a transformation! He’s calmer and much more mellow, knowing how to settle himself and listen to instructions, strengthening our bond and trust in one another.

Gerry-Anna’s techniques and insights have been crucial to making that happen. You can’t get that from YouTube videos and blogs!

Rebecca Menard

Pet Parent

It’s time for your puppy to go to school

Ready To Enroll For The Next Semester?

At Goldstar Puppy Academy, we offer puppy training classes in Sebastian, Melbourne, Grant, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, and
Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Doggy Scholar

Teach your little learner all the foundation skills they need to grow into a Goldstar Puppy Academy graduate.


Honor Student

Tutor your puppy beyond the basics and progress your training to honor roll levels with our follow-on training program.



The ultimate puppy education starts with 3 weeks at board & train to lay solid foundations, followed by the complete puppy training program.



Talk To A Trainer

So we can help find your perfect fit.

Board and Train Success!

We could not say enough good things about Goldstar Puppy Academy. Our little Bichon/poodle mix Duffy refused to go in his crate, could not settle himself down, wasn't 100% housetrained and really wasn't on any sort of schedule until he did the overnight program with Goldstar. He learned so much & loved it! He made many friends and we followed up with 2 days a week of day "school". Mom & Dad learned so much from Gerry-Anna as well - many training tricks. I would highly recommend Goldstar!

Ellen Papas

Pet Parent

Let’s Find Your Perfect Fit

You Need A Puppy Training Program
That Fits Your Lifestyle

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