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The premier puppy academy for affordable dog training and exceptional puppy education.
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Goldstar Puppy Academy

The premier puppy academy for affordable dog training and exceptional puppy education. Our expert team at Goldstar Puppy Academy is dedicated to providing top-notch training programs tailored to your puppy’s needs. With a focus on positive reinforcement and comprehensive training techniques, we ensure your furry friend grows into a well-behaved and happy companion. Discover the best in puppy training with Goldstar Puppy Academy, where affordability meets excellence.



Expert Puppy Trainer

About Our Expert Dog Trainer

Meet Gerry-Anna

After 10 years of working with animals of various species, Gerry-Anna is uniquely equipped to help you and your puppy meet your training goals. As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, she knows what puppies and pet owners need to succeed. Gerry-Anna founded Goldstar Puppy Academy with the belief that the best way to stop unwanted behavior is to prevent it from the start! But she also knows exactly how to help you solve any bad habits you may be experiencing. Pets should bring us joy and she wants to make sure your relationship with your dog is one of mutual understanding and trust.

As the leading pet dog trainer on the Treasure Coast, Gerry-Anna is here to support you through puppyhood and beyond!



Puppy Teaching Assistant

Puppy Teaching Assistant

Meet Maddie

It’s hard to pick just one title for Maddie! She is our lead puppy teaching assistant for our day school and sleepaway camp students. She also assists with our social media presence, helps with administrative duties, and is working towards her dog trainer certification.

Maddie’s roots in Connecticut, where she grew up on a farm surrounded by various animals, have profoundly influenced her career. Her involvement in an agricultural program, 4H, and wildlife rehabilitation during high school ignited her passion for working with animals. She understands the significance of human-animal relationships in successful training and is dedicated to this cause.

For the last 14 years, Maddie has been a successful horse trainer who has traveled all over the East Coast of the country, training and competing with horses in show jumping. Maddie is confident in her approach to training. She prides herself on using gentle methods and a holistic understanding of horse behavior.

In the spring of 2022, Maddie joined the Goldstar Puppy Academy team to use her training and behavioral knowledge to work with dogs. While the species-specific behaviors may differ, the same learning theory applies! Maddie is a natural, and all the pups love her patient and calm demeanor. She is truly an asset to our team!

Where Is Goldstar Puppy Academy Located?

Goldstar Puppy Academy, situated in Sebastian, Florida, offers comprehensive dog and puppy training services. We proudly serve clients from Fellsmere, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Palm Bay, and Melbourne. Whether you’re in Fellsmere or any other nearby location, our expert trainers are dedicated to helping your furry friends become well-behaved and happy companions.