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I’m Gerry-Anna, the leading puppy trainer on the Treasure Coast, and I’d love to support you through your puppyhood journey and beyond!

If you want a dog that will be an absolute joy to share your life with, who’s a pleasure to be around, then it all starts with early puppy training.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and that is so true when it comes to raising a well-mannered dog who is a wonderful addition to your family.

Fixing problems takes a lot more time, effort, and support.

But if you learn how to prevent problem behaviors from developing and how to communicate with your puppy so they understand exactly what you want – you have an incredible foundation for the road ahead.

Ready to enjoy a stress-free life with your puppy?

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When To Start Puppy Training

In an ideal world, you will start your puppy training as soon as your puppy comes home. But it probably doesn’t look quite as you’d expect!

It’s much less about teaching cute behaviors like sit, down, and handshake…and more about helping your puppy develop confidence, manners, and resilience.

Included in all of my puppy training programs are my wellness essentials. These are the foundations that will underpin your puppy’s ability to understand boundaries, respond appropriately and grow into a content adult dog.

If you’ve not started training yet and wonder if it’s too late, please don’t panic or feel bad. Your dog can learn these foundations at any age. It may take a little longer to undo bad habits, but it’s entirely possible with the right support.

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Expert Puppy Trainer

About Me

I’ve always been pretty obsessed with animals. When I was in elementary school, I remember setting up homemade agility courses with chairs and broomsticks for my dog!

And that desire to spend quality time with animals and give them the best in life has continued throughout my career.

My degree in Anthropology became the foundation for my understanding of the human end of the leash! That four years of studying wasn’t enough to quench my thirst for knowledge, so I started volunteering almost anywhere I could.

I even joined a zookeeper training program and interned at the Oregon Zoo. I volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation hospital and also with parrot rescues! And just before I started dog training, I worked as a bird trainer at a well-known theme park.

But the place which made the most significant difference to what I do today was working with The Humane Society in their shelter programs. I remember the excitement and shared joy when puppies would find homes as soon as they hit the adoption floor. Their new families would be so happy and eager to welcome the pup into their lives, and we were continually optimistic that this would be the right fit for everyone involved. However, I also remember the crushing disappointment when some of the same pups would return to the shelter when they became wild teenagers around 10-16 months of age. Now they’re looking for home #2 and aren’t little and gentle and cute anymore. They don’t fly out of the shelter nearly as quickly as they did as a baby.

I discovered that people usually have good intentions when getting a puppy but may not have the knowledge or ability to train their pup when it’s little. When unwanted behaviors pop up, many believe that the pup will simply grow out of it but instead, the dog becomes a wild adolescent, and the issues worsen! After seeing this cycle, it became apparent to me that if people had the right support right from the very beginning to set a good foundation with their puppies, many of the puppies would keep their homes forever.

The Big Shift

At this point, it became apparent to me that if people had the right support right from the very beginning to set a good foundation with their puppies, many of the puppies would keep their homes forever.

If they were prepped and supported for the teenage phase, they wouldn’t feel completely overwhelmed and like there was nowhere to turn.

Sharing our life with animals can bring us immense joy when we have mutual understanding, trust, and the proper support to develop our own skills with animals.

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We Highly Recommend Gerry-Anna!

We highly recommend Gerry-Anna at Goldstar Puppy Academy.

She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very passionate.

She goes above and beyond to train puppies and assist puppy parents with continued training for a successful, fun journey!

We could not be happier that we invested in this training program. Our golden-doodle puppy, with the expertise of Gerry-Anna, has become a true member of our family!

Jared Montgomery

Pet Parent

All dog trainers are dog people, but not all dog trainers are people-people.

What You Can Expect From Me

All dog trainers are dog people, but not all dog trainers are people-people! While I love working with animals, I also love working with the human end of the leash!

I pride myself on designing the best educational programs that are super effective for both my dog and human learners. I know you are busy, and it’s my job to make training easy and fun so you can build it into your routine without it feeling like a chore.

I want you to enjoy your training experience with me. I’m a geek about education, and my main goal is to teach YOU the skills you need to have a great relationship with your dog based on trust and shared joy.

I help puppy parents navigate the challenges of puppyhood and raise well-mannered, confident companions. By starting with an early foundation of good behavior, my clients and their dogs can enjoy a stress-free, happy life together!






Meet Maddie

Puppy Teaching Assistant

It’s hard to pick just one title for Maddie! She is our lead puppy teaching assistant for our day school and sleepaway camp students.
She also assists with our social media presence, helps with administrative duties
and is working towards her dog trainer certification.

Maddie is originally from Connecticut where she grew up on a farm with all types of critters. In high school, she enrolled in an agricultural program, 4H and assisted with wildlife rehabilitation. It was during this time that she realized her passion for working with animals of all kinds and how important human-animal relationships are for successful training. 

For the last 14 years, Maddie was a successful horse trainer and traveled all over the East Coast of the country training and competing with horses in show jumping. During that time, Maddie often found herself drawn to horses with behavioral challenges and enjoyed helping them regain confidence and trust in people.
Maddie prides herself on using gentle training methods and a holistic approach to horse behavior that takes into account the physical abilities and biomechanics of the horse. 

In spring of 2022, Maddie joined the Goldstar Puppy Academy team
to start using her training and behavioral knowledge to work with dogs. While the species specific behaviors may differ, the same learning theory applies! Maddie is a natural and all the pups love her patient and calm demeanor.
She is truly an asset to our team!

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