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Easy ways to prevent resource guarding in your puppy.

It’s no secret that methods and protocols change as we learn more about the behavior in question. But even as new information comes out, we still see people practising outdated advice. A common piece of outdated advice for handling resource guarding is that you should stick your hands in the food bowl while your dog is eating. There are plenty of people out there who will tell you they have used that exact method and never had any issues. That’s great! But not all dogs will be so tolerant and this method can actually create a resource guarding problem that wasn’t already there. 

Imagine you’re starving and you head out to your favorite restaurant. You sit down with the burger you’ve been craving all day and after a couple of bites, your waiter shows up suddenly. They come over to chat and immediately stick their finger into your burger. Now, are you going to just keep eating your food or are you staring at your waiter saying “what the heck?” You’re probably going to be pretty ticked off! 


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Preventing Resource Guarding

We know dogs don’t mind germs in their food like we do, but I want you to think about what is going to happen next time you eat. If you’re in that same restaurant, with the same waiter, you’re probably going to be checking your surroundings to make sure the waiter isn’t going to come over and touch your food again! Puppies are not so different either. Once you start putting your hands in their food every time they eat, there’s a good chance they’re going to start protecting that food and scarf it down as quickly as possible. 

Instead of putting your hand in your puppy’s food, here are some alternative methods that can help prevent resource guarding. *Disclaimer: Please note that these methods are recommended for those who want to prevent resource guarding with a puppy who shows no signs of the behavior. If your puppy is already offering signs of resource guarding like growling, freezing, nipping etc, we highly recommend you seek professional help from a certified dog trainer.

Puppy Training Treasure Coast Sebastian, Fort Fierce, Vero Beach, Florida

Puppy Training Treasure Coast, Florida

 One simple way to prevent resource guarding is to feed your puppy in their crate or pen! Their crate or pen is an enclosed safe space where your pup can eat without being disturbed by kids or people and feel less pressured. If there is no threat of their meal being abruptly interrupted, your puppy is going to feel much more comfortable and relaxed.

 Another option is dropping a piece of higher-value food into their bowl as they eat. While your puppy is munching away at their kibble, walk over and drop a piece of chicken in the bowl. That way, when you begin approaching while your pup is eating, they will start to associate you interrupting their meal as a positive thing instead! Just like if you were back at the restaurant with your burger and the waiter brought you a tasty dessert instead of sticking their finger in your food. Much better, right?


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I’m Gerry-Anna, the leading puppy trainer on the Treasure Coast, and I’d love to support you through your puppyhood journey and beyond!

If you want a dog that will be an absolute joy to share your life with, who’s a pleasure to be around, then it all starts with early puppy training.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and that is so true when it comes to raising a well-mannered dog who is a wonderful addition to your family.

Fixing problems takes a lot more time, effort, and support.

But if you learn how to prevent problem behaviors from developing and how to communicate with your puppy so they understand exactly what you want – you have an incredible foundation for the road ahead.

When To Start Puppy Training

In an ideal world, you will start your puppy training as soon as your puppy comes home. But it probably doesn’t look quite as you’d expect!

It’s much less about teaching cute behaviors like sit, down, and handshake…and more about helping your puppy develop confidence, manners, and resilience.

Included in all of my puppy training programs are my wellness essentials. These are the foundations that will underpin your puppy’s ability to understand boundaries, respond appropriately and grow into a content adult dog.

If you’ve not started training yet and wonder if it’s too late, please don’t panic or feel bad. Your dog can learn these foundations at any age. It may take a little longer to undo bad habits, but it’s entirely possible with the right support.

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