Puppy Training Vero Beach – How to Stop My Puppy Nipping

Unfortunately for us, puppies explore the world with their mouths. As a puppy training expert providing puppy training in and around Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast, Gerry-Anna shares her do’s and don’ts for preventing and stopping puppy nipping.

It’s totally natural for them to bite and chew on just about everything including us. This is one of the biggest headaches of puppyhood and can make even the calmest pet parent rage. Rest assured though, most puppies grow out of this phase and do not grow up to be Cujo. While you do have to live through it, below are some tips to help you survive.

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How to Stop Puppies Nipping

Here are the do’s and don’ts for stopping your puppy nipping:

Do: Make sure your puppy is getting plenty of undisturbed quality sleep in their crate. A tired puppy is like a tired toddler, grouchy and ready to throw a tantrum at a moment’s notice! After about an hour of awake activity, your puppy will be ready for rest, otherwise, they become a gremlin. Generally, I suggest at least two 2-hour crate naps per day as a minimum. This routine can greatly improve your puppy’s behavior. 

Do: Keep a leash on your puppy when they are loose in the room with you. This way you can easily get a hold of them without touching them when they need redirection. If they tend to chew the leash, soak it with bitter apple spray or get a plastic coated cable tether instead. Hitch the leash to a doorknob if you need to until they settle down! 

DO: Keep several toys in easy to reach areas so you can put them in your puppy’s mouth when they start biting or chewing on something inappropriate. Rotate the toys weekly so they stay novel. 

DO: Calmly take your puppy’s leash and walk them to their crate when they start getting crazy. If you’ve redirected them to a toy twice and they keep coming back to bite you, chew on furniture or pester your other animals, it’s time to go to nap-town for a spell. Don’t worry about the crate being a “punishment” in this situation, it’s not. Your pup will be asleep within 15 minutes. 

DON’T: Roughhouse with your puppy or use your hands as toys. Puppies don’t understand that sometimes it’s okay to put teeth on skin and sometimes it’s not. 

DON’T: Keep petting or touching your puppy when they start mouthing you. Your puppy may even go through an “untouchable” phase where it seems like you can’t even pet them because they are so bitey. Don’t worry, it will get better eventually!

DON’T: Make high pitched noises or squeals when your puppy bites. This can make them more excited. 

DON’T: Physically punish your puppy for biting. This likely won’t work in the long term but can damage your relationship with your puppy. And for some puppies, it can make them come back and bite harder!

Puppy biting is a serious pain but stay strong, it will be better in a couple of months!

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