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Puppy Teething Can Be Painful

If you live with a puppy, you’ve learned that they nip and bite and use their mouth to explore the world (and you). It is natural and normal, but it also hurts! When your puppy is young, you become familiar with their terrible little needle teeth. By managing your puppy’s mouthy overtired behavior, you will likely see improvement in how often they gnaw on you.

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Five Months Old Habits

However, you may notice an uptick in your puppy’s chewing and biting habits around five months. It is when they begin losing some of those big teeth like the canines and molars. It can be painful for them and may affect their behavior as well. Some pups may seem needy or cranky for a day or two as the teeth move in. You may notice your puppy trying to chew hard objects or furniture that they didn’t chew before. I’m talking hard like concrete blocks in the yard or coffee table legs. And don’t be shocked if you find some blood on a tug toy one day! You’ll usually find a tooth on the floor soon after. Although frequently, the teeth end up swallowed, so if you don’t see them, don’t worry.

Kongs & Toppls Are your Friends!

To support your puppy through this time (and save your antique armoire), try using frozen food stuffed toys like Toppls or Kongs. You should also provide plenty of chewable items like teething rings, Enzadent chews, or puppy-safe Nylabones. And as always, supervise your puppy with these objects to ensure they don’t swallow them whole. And remember, if your puppy seems bitey and inconsolable, time for a crate nap!

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