Best Dog Walks in Sebastian and Vero Beach

Can you keep a secret?

I’m about to share my favorite dog walking spots in Sebastian and Vero Beach with you… but we don’t want them blowing up with too many other people and dogs – so will you keep these awesome dog walking areas to yourself?!

Before we get into them, let me explain what a sniffari is and why they’re so good for your dog! Then we’ll get onto the epic dog walking spots that you’ll want to check out with your buddy.

What is a sniffari?

Sniffaris are nature walks on a long leash where your dog is allowed to wander and sniff to their heart’s content.

I recommend using a leash of at least 10-15 feet, and if you can, choose a biothane one as they’re much easier to keep clean!

Use caution if you’ve never handled a long leash. You don’t want your dog to take off running or tie you up in knots! Check out the video at the bottom of this page for some great tips. 

Sniffaris are a brilliant activity for any dog because they allow for putting their powerful noses to work while staying calm.

So whether you have an over-excitable puppy or a tearaway teenage dog, sniffaris are a fantastic way to enjoy some time together, minus the chaos!

Right, let’s get onto the best places to visit with your dog for a sniffari!

Best Dog Walks Sebastian and Vero Beach Training tips to get your dog to stop pulling on leash

Awesome dog walking spots in Sebastian

Finding places to walk with your dog that are less busy than your local dog park makes it much easier for your dog to relax and focus on the environment rather than other people and dogs. It’s a great way to encourage your dog’s inner calm.

Stormwater Park, Sebastian

Stormwater Park has several nature trails, which are great for a sniffari walk with your dog. You may encounter other people and dogs at the front gate, but it’s easy to walk without seeing many other dogs once you’re inside.

The area spans 163 acres of walking trails with varying habitats, including wetlands and dry upland areas.

Parking: You’ll find the entrance to the area and parking on the south side of Englar Drive, between Barber Street and Schumann Drive.

 Hardee Park, Sebastian

Hardee Park offers a ½ mile walking trail, which is ideal for a shorter sniffari walk with your dog.

Despite it being only a small park, there is plenty of wildlife here, from white ibis to squirrels which leave plenty of interesting scents for your dog to explore!

You’ll see people walking here and a few dogs, but it has a really nice walking park – plus restrooms on-site!

Parking: On the north end of Barber Street

Riverview Park, Sebastian

Riverview is a beautiful park situated along the shores of the Indian River. However, it is a busier park, so I’d save this one for when your dog has practiced and honed their skills of paying attention to you around distractions!

Riverview Park acts as an entry point to many scenic walkways, which offer some beautiful shoreline walks along the Riverfront District.

Riverview Park is also home to tons of fearless squirrels, so it’s a brilliant dog walking spot to practice your recall and focus games with your dog.

Parking: at 600 U.S. Highway 1, on the corner of U.S. Highway 1 and C.R. 512 /Sebastian Boulevard

Awesome dog walking spots in Vero Beach

Vero Beach is home to lots of great dog walking spots. Here are three of my favorites. The third may surprise you!

Captain Forster Hammock Preserve, Vero Beach

Captain Forster Hammock Preserve offers 110 acres of nature reserve to explore with your dog.

You’ll find several different habitats as you walk from the shoreline of the Indian River Lagoon to the Coastal Scrub, making it a great location for a sniffari nature walk with your dog.

This park has several nature trail paths that you can take, many with shade, making it a great pick for hot sunny days.

Some of the trails are narrow, so watch out for people with their dogs off-leash in these areas.

Parking: 8650 Jungle Trail, Vero Beach, FL 32963

Riverside Park, Vero Beach

The walking trail here is pretty long, with some beautiful spots overlooking the water.

There’s a lot to explore at Riverside Park, and I’d highly recommend visiting the Cole Coppola Memorial Fishing Pier, where you might spot dolphins and manatees!

There are nice sidewalks, a big grassy field, and lots of covered picnic tables to rest. You will usually see some people, but there is enough space to get further away if needed.

Parking: ​​3200 Riverside Park Drive

Vero Beach Outlets

You may wonder why I’m suggesting an outdoor mall as a local dog walking spot?!

Vero Beach Outlets is a brilliant spot for an early morning sniffari – there are so many smells for your dog to explore.

Any opportunity to gently introduce novel experiences to your dog is a chance for some good dog training! If you want a dog that you can take anywhere, then visiting new places is a big part of your training.

Socialization and training aren’t all about meeting other dogs and having a playfest, so an outdoor mall is actually a pretty good place to take your dog for a field trip!

You can read more about good puppy socialization here.

What to take on your nature walks with your dog

Insect repellant
Water for both of you
Your long leash (10-15 feet)
Dog treats

I hope you and your dog enjoy exploring some new dog walking spots together. I’d love to hear what you think and which one is your new favorite dog walking area.

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