Teaching Your Dog To Greet Guests Politely

Does your dog jump on guests the second they walk through your front door? Watch how we handle this with Teddy! When guests come over we make sure to have him on a leash and have tasty treats to reward him for paying attention to his handler.

Steps to Teach Your Dog To Greet Guests Politely

As you can see from the video, we repeat a series of steps to keep Teddy calm and focused rather than lunging at guests and getting over-excited. Here’s how to

Teach Your Dog To Greet Guests Politely

Step 1 – Keep him on a leash. This allows you to control his movement and stop the lunging in the first instance.

Step 2 – Approach the door calmly and slowly so you don’t ramp his excitement or anxiety up.

Step 3 – Once the door is open, step back. Once he’s back where you want him, reward him with his favorite treat.

Step 4 – Have your guest hold out their palm ready for him to sniff.

Step 5 – if he’s calm and focused on you, take him to greet the guest for a very short time. Bring him back again and give him another treat.

Step 6 – Repeat the greet, retreat and reward a few times, building up the time he’s near the guest.

Step 7 – Drop the leash. However, toss a treat near the guest’s feet for him to go find. This way the treat is more interesting than the guest at this point.

Step 8 – Your guest should be able to comfortably walk into your home. Give one final treat as a reward for allowing the guest in calmly.

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