Most people don’t think about all of the continued long-term efforts that go into raising a dog that can go anywhere and not embarrass you.

When you see professional service dogs in public, you may not realize that most are raised with specific training and socialization objectives. They usually train for about 18 months before even beginning their service task training!

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When it comes to raising adventure dogs, it’s all about the long game with training.

You’re not going to have a dog that can reliably relax in public after just a couple of sessions or group classes. You need a training lifestyle! But don’t worry, it’s more fun than you think. You’ll have a fantastic relationship with your dog based on trust, understanding, and shared joy.

I want to shine the spotlight on one of my awesome clients and their pup, Lola. Within two weeks of bringing home their new little Havanese puppy, Lola, Mom asked me about training. It was her first dog, and they needed to do everything possible to set Lola up for success. After all, Lola’s Mom and Dad travel a lot, and they want Lola to be comfortable in new situations so she can accompany them on life’s adventures. They also do a lot of entertaining in their home, so Lola needs to mind her manners at dinner parties.

In this case, Lola came to Gerry-Anna’s home for Goldstar’s version of board and train, Puppy Sleepaway Camp. Lola was introduced to new environments, people, and animals during her stay. She also began learning essential life skills like coming when called, sitting, leave it, etc. After her visit, Lola’s parents continued working with Goldstar Puppy Academy to build up Lola’s skills in various settings, including public parks, restaurant patios, and even the airport!

Puppy Training Treasure Coast Board and train Treasure Coast When it comes to raising adventure dogs, it’s all about the long game with training. Goldstar Puppy Academy can help train your pup.

The photo above was taken in the middle of baggage claim at Newark airport after 9-month-old Lola took her first airplane ride. She was in her carrier under the seat during the flight. She was allowed out of her carrier once they were through the airport.

Long waits at the airport can lead to anxiety and stress for humans and dogs. Still, little Lola decided to lie on her mat and relax, one of the keystones of Goldstar Puppy Academy’s training. All this while people were bustling around her with rolling luggage.

Many puppies her age would be highly overwhelmed and unable to perform known behaviors. It can make travel more stressful for everyone involved. However, Lola’s Mom invested the training time and energy early in Lola’s life. Now she’s set herself up for a lifetime of easier travel!

When Lola and her parents arrived at their northern home (where Lola had never been before), she found her mat and took a big nap!

We love seeing our clients and their pups blossom and shine! Thanks to modern technology, Lola’s parents continue to work with Goldstar Puppy Academy virtually even though they are thousands of miles away. It helps ensure that Lola stays on track with her training and allows us to offer guidance if she has any trouble adjusting.

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All of your puppy training foundations are covered in short home-study video tutorials that you can watch at your own pace.

You’ll receive instant access to 10-15 minute puppy training tutorials you can start right away, around your daily schedule.

Consistency is key to your puppy training success, so you can share your training tutorials with your whole household to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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All dog trainers are dog people, but not all dog trainers are people-people! While I love working with animals, I also love working with the human end of the leash!

I pride myself on designing the best educational programs that are super effective for both my dog and human learners. I know you are busy, and it’s my job to make training easy and fun so you can build it into your routine without it feeling like a chore.

I want you to enjoy your training experience with me. I’m a geek about education, and my main goal is to teach YOU the skills you need to have a great relationship with your dog based on trust and shared joy.

I help puppy parents navigate the challenges of puppyhood and raise well-mannered, confident companions. By starting with an early foundation of good behavior, my clients and their dogs can enjoy a stress-free, happy life together!